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The Publications & Management Powerhouse

The P.M. Firm is a publication and management powerhouse that houses a plethora of multifaceted talents destined to dominate the entertainment industry. Our roster of future legends includes aspiring musicians, models, comedians, photographers, visual artists and ambitious interns.

Our goal is to equip aspiring and established entertainers with the necessary tools to navigate a competitive industry. Our sole objective is to help each client attain success and longevity in their given area of interest by molding tenacious and spirited professionals.

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The P.M. Firm has access to an extensive network of industry professionals and because of that, we are able to provide the knowledge our clients need to gain a foot hole in a challenging industry.



Presentation is everything. We have developed an intricate team of P.R. specialists, communications experts, and marketing professionals to help build our client's brand and polish their image.

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Our media coordinators help our clients cultivate a solid foundation to their media platforms and gain exposure from an extensive list of credible media channels.

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